Where is Kia Made?

September 10th, 2018 by

2018 Kia Model Lineup

Kia models are known for their sleek designs, reliability, and affordability. However, many drivers don’t know where Kia cars are produced. If you’ve been wondering, “Where is Kia made?” we have the answer!

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What Country is Kia From?

For those wondering where Kia is from, the auto company originated in South Korea and is headquartered in Seoul. In 1973, Kia opened its first integrated automotive assembly plant and created automobiles largely for the Korean market.

Where are Kia Vehicles Made Now?

In 1994, Kia was introduced to the North American market and, ever since then, the company has been spreading throughout the North American and European markets. Today, in addition to its headquarters in Seoul, Kia has an assembly plant in West Point, Georgia and Zilina, Slovakia.

What Kinds of Kia Accessories Are Available?

Become a Part of Kia History at Warrenton Kia

From the company’s humble beginnings back in the early days to now being one of the largest modern automakers, Kia’s history is nothing short of remarkable. Become a part of that history when you finance one of our new Kia vehicles, like the competitive Kia Optima, at Warrenton Kia. Contact our dealership, located near Astoria and Longview, to schedule a test drive today! While you’re at our dealership, be sure to ask our team any other questions you have, including which is better: Kia or Hyundai?


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